Professor Scott Brown
Professor Scott Brown is a cognitive psychologist who is interested in basic and applied decision-making research. He is currently the editor in chief of the journal “Computational Brain and Behavior”.

Dr Emily Freeman

Dr Emily Freeman
Dr Emily Freeman studies both cognitive and developmental psychology. Her research spans areas such as recognition memory, working memory, academic achievement, and the role fathers play in child development.


Associate Professor Ami Eidels
I completed a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, Tel Aviv University, and post-doctoral training in Mathematical Psychology, Indiana University. I am interested in mathematical and computational models of human cognition. In particular, I study how people process and combine multiple sources of information. My students and I study cognitive workload of real-life operators.


Dr Guy Hawkins
My research investigates how we make decisions in an uncertain world, across contexts including basic perception, reasoning with uncertain information, efficiently allocating time to tasks, and high-level decisions about health services and consumer products. My research typically uses a combination of experimental psychology and mathematical modeling, with some dabbling in neuroscience measurement and applied survey techniques.

Associate Professor Kerry Chalmers
Kerry Chalmers is an Associate Professor in the School of Psychology. She holds a PhD from the University of Queensland. Her main research focus is memory and cognitive development. Kerry’s publications cover a range of topics, including the development of working memory in children, iron deficiency and cognition in young women, and music and memory in Alzheimer’s dementia.

Graduate Students

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Sam Curley


Laura Wall
My research uses techniques from cognitive, mathematical and computational psychology in more applied and clinical settings. In particular my thesis explores cognitive deficits in people with schizophrenia through the LBA model of decision making. I have also worked on a number of studies examining consumer preferences in oncology care.

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Zachary Howard


Paul Garrett
My research focuses on how humans enumerate (count) large and small quantities, and how our understanding of number shapes our perception of the world. I also work on various projects investigating human memory using life logging technologies e.g., smart-phones, and apply my expertise to develop new and innovative mathematical tools for various assessments of human cognition.


Laura Waters


Angus McKerral
My research uses simulated driving scenarios to examine the impact of vehicle automation on human engagement and attention, particularly during critical takeover scenarios. Previous projects investigating situation awareness in expert and non-expert drivers has fostered an interest in a human factors approach to the increasingly automated driving environment.

Ebon Baxter

Jade Goodman


Reilly Innes
My research investigates the measurement of cognitive workload and capacity, with applications in user interface assessment and personnel selection. My major projects have collaborated with partners in the defence and government sectors. I have also worked on studies which use mathematical and computational techniques to explore decision making data. 

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Alex Thorpe

My work relates to user workload in information delivery systems, and the crossover between psychology and computer science in this area. My research explores the application of mathematical models from cognitive science to the assessment of user interfaces, and the potential to use cognitive measures to inform interface design choices.


Asheek Shimul

Asheek is faculty member in the Department of Psychology at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. His primary area of research is human memory, especially Autobiographical memory, Working memory, Eyewitness memory, and Dementia. He is also involved in doing research on Psychological well-being and Poverty. His PhD research is focused on how Working memory makes an impact on the recollection of Autobiographical memory.


Stephen Pickard
I have a 30+ year background in aviation in the RAAF and civil aviation industry. My research is related to the study of Situational Awareness, which is often identified as a causal factor in aviation incidents. I hope to identify if it is possible to detect a loss of Situational Awareness using biometric measures. The outcome will be systems to assess/measure situational awareness and how to develop resilience to a loss of situational awareness.

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Murray Bennett

Effective allocation of cognitive workload impacts human performance. Much of the modern workforce completes tasks within teams so my research examines how people trade-off between effective information processing and task performance, particularly when working within small team environments.


Ashlea Rendell
I work in human-computer interaction and user experience design, co-supervised for my PhD research between the cog lab and the Newcastle School of Electrical Engineering and Computing. I have a special interest in the fem-tech and health-tech industries.


Caroline Kuhne
My research focuses on the development and implementation of informed priors to be used in hypothesis testing and model comparison, specifically for evidence accumulation models like the LBA and DDM. I am interested in making these priors open-access to reduce researcher degrees of freedom.


Gavin Cooper
My work is about understanding the strategies people use when making choices in a consumer context. I will be combining cognitive models and non-parametric analysis techniques to discriminate between multiple proposed theories of the strategies that consumers employ. I have a software development background with a strong interest in open source software and open science.


Jon-Paul Cavallaro


Erin Robinson
My work is focused on the impact of father-child play interactions on child development, with a particular emphasis on cognition and emotional regulation.

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Past Graduates

Dr Pete Cassey

Dr Nathan Evans

Dr Dane Pobolka

Dr Heidi Turon

Dr Babette Rae

Dr Gabriel Tillman

Dr Beatrice Bora

Dr Phillipa McKay

Dr Paul Williams

Dr Pennie Gibbons

Dr Chris Donkin

Mr David Elliott